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Bio: Doug Haynes’ The Garden & The Road

Bio: Doug Haynes’ The Garden & The Road

Relationships, just like gardens, require attention, care, and commitment to survive. It’s an idea that Doug Haynes explores on his debut solo acoustic record, The Garden & The Road. The Toronto musician constantly finds himself conflicted about pursuing his dreams instead of nourishing a collapsing relationship. The album is a distinct contrast from his alt-pop band, HIGHS. Most songs were created in the early hours of the morning alone in his bedroom, revealing a man struggling to come to terms with letting go of an exceptional love. Bursting with guilt, regret, and anguish, Haynes’ vulnerable lyrics are heart-rending and instantly relatable.

With no expectations or outside influences, most of these songs have been untouched, preserving their allure. Featuring minimal instruments and modest production, the rawness and purity highlights Haynes’ mournful yet extraordinary vocals.

The Garden & The Road is an introduction to a burgeoning side of Haynes no one has ever heard before and one that will certainly continue to flourish.

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Written by Laura Antonelli in April 5, 2017

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