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Bio: Jennifer Loyola

Bio: Jennifer Loyola

Jennifer Loyola has never had the desire to follow the norm. The Toronto singer and songwriter’s distinct sound blends all her musical influences together producing something uniquely her own.

Growing up watching her father perform on television every day in Mexico City exposed her to music at a young age. “I just knew from early on that I wanted to sing,” she says. When Jennifer was 12 years old, she received her first guitar from her father. She immediately began to write songs with the three chords he taught her. Never caring whether she fit in with other children, when Jennifer’s friends were heavily into alternative music, she was always listening to the golden oldies and immersed in the worlds of pop and Motown artists. “I couldn’t relate to the kids around me musically because we were just on completely different wavelengths,” she explains. “I certainly wasn’t listening to what was on the radio.”

When Jennifer was a teenager, she was playing the lead roles in school musicals, involved in choirs, and performing in festivals around the Durham area. She had her first taste of success while participating in a singing competition when she was 18. Her wide range and sultry voice caught the attention of the judges, and resulted in her winning the whole contest. Coming in first place inspired her to pursue music more seriously as a career. “It was a cool experience because it made me realize that maybe other people think I’m talented too,” she recalled. She began to sing backup vocals for other artists while still perfecting her own craft.

In 2008, Jennifer noticed a musical shift that excited her. Imaginative and innovative artists were now thriving in the mainstream. It made her realize it was the ideal time to start recording her debut album, Stronger Than You Know. “We’re in an era where singer-songwriters are really valued,” she says. “Listeners are ready for something different that’s outside of the all-too-familiar ‘formula.'” She joined forces with producer, Adam Newcomb, and wrote and co-produced all of the eight tracks at Newcomb Studios. It resulted in a revealing and vulnerable record that covers plenty of territory. From the emotionally raw “Breakdown” to the Motown flair of “Hold Me Close” and the Latino flavour in “Rendezvous,” the 2011 release offers something for every kind of music lover. “All my influences definitely come through, but maybe not in an easily identifiable way,” she says. “I don’t think that it necessarily falls into one particular category.”

These days, Jennifer has reunited with Adam Newcomb and is currently working on her sophomore album. Continuing to push the boundaries, the pair is determined to produce something unexpected and different. They hope to modernize old vintage sounds and make them relevant again. “You’re not going to be able to classify it,” she reveals. “I want to move forward with the idea that we’re not limited by any genre. We’re not restricted by any sound. We’re looking to create a new one.”

You can catch Jennifer perform your favourite ’90s and Top 40 pop songs live with her remarkable band throughout the GTA as she continues to work on her new record. Fresh original tunes can be expected as soon as this fall.

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Written by Laura Antonelli in April 5, 2017

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